Kubernetes Core Concepts: Pod

1 min readJul 24, 2023

There are too many components in Kubernetes. However, the most minor component is Pod.

Photo by nikko osaka on Unsplash

One or more containers can be found in a pod. Each pod should ideally contain one container.

Some pods contain several containers. One is for the application container, and the other is for the observability of the pod and the application container.

These are some Pod features:

  • Each pod has a unique IP address. Additionally, the containers running in the same Pod have that IP address.
  • All pods communicate with one another without using NAT.
  • Consider that there are two pods, Pod-A and Pod-B. They will each have a unique IP address.
  • A container in Pod-A must attempt to access Pod-B’s IP address if it tries to access a container in Pod-B.
  • The containers in the same Pod can access each other through localhost

What is the difference between a Pod and a Node?

A pod operates on a node. The node might be a virtual machine or a physical server.

As a consequence, your application container will run in a pod. Your pod will operate on a Node.