Unit Tests Return MagicMock Object Instead of return_value. How to Fix This?

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user = UserController()
__init__ method in the UserController class called
__init__ method in the Picture class called
get_first_picture() method called
get_pictures_via_variable() method called
all() method called
get_second_picture() method called
get_pictures_via_method() method called
get_DB() method called
all() method called
AssertionError: 'Test 1' != <MagicMock name='mock.dbal.all().__getitem__()' id='4456571856'>
return self.picture.dbal.all()
mock_app.dbal.all.return_value = ["Test 1", "Test 2"]

A unit test for the get_second_picture method

AssertionError: 'Test 2' != <MagicMock name='mock.get_DB().all().__getitem__()' id='4387991856'>
return self.picture.get_DB().all()
AssertionError: 'Test 2' != <MagicMock name='mock.get_DB().all().__getitem__()' id='4459012640'>




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